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Omicrex Exchange is kindly providing market data for Cognitio's AI-based signal bot

The Platform for Deep Thought

Cognitio seeks to broaden A.I. potential by constructing a blockchain-driven all-purpose machine-learning mechanism that has the ability to tackle useful research areas including natural and computer language translation, image classification, voice recognition, automated medical analysis, risk calculation and optimization of non-linear tasks.

A Vision for the Future

In recent years, attempts at integrating A.I. research with blockchain technology have resulted in limited, niche-driven applications with highly specific use cases. Implementing a diverse array of protocols on top of a robust blockchain, Cognitio will make supercomputing power accessible and affordable to anyone around the globe.

Ascendant Architecture

Cognitio is a secure decentralized network utilizing masternodes as its neural network points. Using a low-inflation, low-supply chain helps ensure value. In addition, Cognitio will deploy a high-frequency quantitative signal A.I. trading bot that will give its users a definitive advantage over legacy solutions due to its accuracy and autonomy.

CognitIA - A.I. State

Cognitio will deploy Cognitia, a research tool that will act as the main AI state. Further info about Cognitia will be released at an appropriate later date.

Technical Specifications

  • Max Coin Supply: 7.5 million COG
  • PoW/PoS/Masternodes
  • Difficulty Retargeting : Every Block
  • Block Spacing: 90 Seconds
  • Algorithm: SKUNK/SHA256D
  • Masternode Collateral: 10000 COG
  • Stake Minimum Age: 24 hours

PoW Rewards Schedule:
Block 1 : 277,334 (Premine)
Block 2 - 1500 : 1 COG to 6 COG
After 1500 : 5 COG
Last PoW Block: 210000

PoS & Masternode Rewards:
500-210000 : 5 COG (MN 80%/Staker 20%)
210000+ : 5 COG (MN 70%/Staker 30%)
420000+ : 4 COG (MN 50%/Staker 50%)

  1. 2018

    Initial Launch & Incentivizing Stage

    The initial phase of Cognitio involves the release of the blockchain to the public along with wallets for Linux/Windows/OSX and the ability to mine.

  2. 2018

    Community Building & Growth

    A community building campaign will begin, with incentivizing prospects for early supporters and masternode operators being revealed to both encourage further adoption and help the core team accelerate their mission.

  3. 2018

    Infrastructure, web/mobile Wallets & Additional Exchanges

    Project Infrastructure Support and Exchange Listings. Research is focused on Alternative Consensus Implementations. Development of mobile/web wallets.

  4. 2018

    Governance Infrastructure and Security Audit

    In this stage, the focus shifts towards security audits/updates and governance implementation. Updates to the core wallet will be made to allow a future upgrade where masternode operators are eligible to vote to affect the future of the network. Subsequent to this, the application of upgrades affecting consensus rules or adding new features will be dependant upon the approval of masternode operators. This means features like adjustments to the staking rules, masternode qualifications and coin supply will be up to the community. Research is focused on Nous Architecture.

  5. 2019

    Additional Documentation Release

    Additional documentation regarding the planning and deployment of Cognitio's 'Nous'

  6. 2019

    Electrum Cognitio Wallets

    A thin wallet for Cognitio will be developed and released - an alternative to the bulky desktop wallet.

  7. 2019

    Lightning Network

    Second layer solution for network congestion and inefficiency, this will allow Cognitio to scale much further and help, with potential other utilization of payment channel technology.

  8. 2019

    Cognitia Research Report, ProtoNous testnet

    Cognitio’s primary aim is to create a vessel suitable for exploring machine intelligence regardless of which paradigm - or hybrid of paradigms - the user chooses. To this end, the main thrust of our current research is on what we are tentatively calling the Nous - from the gnostic word for man’s intellect - the fundamental layer of technology which participants in the Cognitio network will use to model agents.

Download the wallet

Currently, wallets are available for Windows, Linux and OSX. Additional versions are in development.

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